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Here, we share some top dental treatments that we offer for our respected clients:

Emergency Dental Care

We are prepared to provide emergency dental care, and are glad to provide this service to you. There are various situations, where you would need immediate attention. Our team at our dental office is equipped to handle a dental emergency and ensures that appropriate actions are taken.


Crowns are caps that are applied to a tooth when it needs covered, oftentimes due to a damage the tooth has experienced. Crowns provide protection to your teeth’s dental surface, ensure that you do not face tooth sensitivity, and prevents further damage.

Teeth Cleaning and Whitening

Our practice offers professional teeth cleanings to remove plaque and tartar build-up. Our dentist also offers teeth whitening treatments. There are various in-house and take-home treatments that we offer, all at your convenience.


A common treatment is to get traditional braces. They move your misaligned teeth to the desired position and can do so in as little as a few weeks depending on the misalignment.

We also offer Invisalign clear aligners. It is a great option for aligning, while providing an “invisible look” that will make the process less noticeable to others. Ask us about invisalign today!


Zoom Whitening

The Zoom In office teeth whitening is a top process in this regard and easily available at our facility. This is a proven whitening treatment, comprised of two important processes for producing the results. The  treatment starts with an initial session, but the results improve in the subsequent sessions.

The Zoom In office teeth whitening employs a special whitening gel. This gel is first applied on your affected/stained teeth. Once ready, an ultraviolet (UV) light will be applied to the dental area being treated. The gel is chemically exposed to produce hydrogen peroxide, which is the main bleaching agent and quickly produces oxygen.

The released oxygen reacts with the stubborn stains and removes most of them in the first procedure that you receive. The use of a UV source, ensures that the reaction is catalyzed and only the required area is exposed to the corrosive chemical agent in the gel.

Treating Abscess

Abscess in teeth is a result of erosion of the enamel. Overtime, the exposed pulp tissue becomes infected. This causes build-up of pus that can become a serious problem if left untreated. To treat abscess, you need to do is visit our skilled dentist capable of finding the infection spot in the oral activity and then treating it with the ideal plan.

Sometimes, abscess in teeth can be a result of dental accidents. While at other times, it may be due to poor dental hygiene. We can  treat abscess by ensuring that the build-up of pus is fully removed and dental cleaning is performed to prevent future problems. Our treating dentists will also advise you the best practices that you can employ on a daily basis to stay away from these serious problems and never need an abscess cure.


Looking for great dental treatments, CC - Clearwater  in Clearwater Florida  is ready to provide the services for all your dental needs. You will always be received by our experienced dentist to assess your problem and provide you a solution. Call us at  727-796-9669 for an appointment or come to our office today. Our dentist and team are waiting for you and will answer any questions you might have.