Gentle Professional Cleaning

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Professional Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning

A professional teeth cleaning is done to eliminate any possible tartar or plaque build-up on your teeth.

A Teeth cleaning provides the following benefits:

Prevents Tooth Decay

Cavities tend to damage the enamel of your teeth. They occur when you don't take proper care of your teeth and gums, resulting in the growth of bacteria. This can be prevented and treated by our dentist through teeth cleaning.  

Prevents Gum Disease

It is difficult to remove tartar from your gums when you are simply just brushing and flossing your teeth. Even though you may floss every day, regular dental cleaning can clean deeper than the average toothbrush. Our dentist can prevent gum disease with regular cleanings, that way your gums and teeth remain healthy.

What to expect

The teeth cleaning conducted by our dentist follows a series of steps to effectively remove bacteria from your teeth and gums.

Oral Examination

Your appointment will start with a quick meeting with our dentist. Our dentist will review your dental history, previous procedures and your last teeth cleaning. Our dentist will also conduct an oral examination to evaluate the current state of your oral health.

Removing tartar and plaque from your teeth

After the examination, our dentist will begin your teeth cleaning. Deposits of tartar and plaque will be eliminated. Duration varies from patient to patient.

Deep Cleaning

After eliminating the tartar and plaque, our dentist will perform a deep clean to get rid of any leftover debris prior to polishing your teeth.

Fluoride Application

You will be provided with water to rinse your mouth, to eliminate any residue from during the teeth cleaning. Our dentist will then apply fluoride on your teeth for additional protection. Fluoride helps prevent cavities and bacterias.


Once you have completed your teeth cleaning, it’s essential you follow the aftercare suggestions of our dentist. Here are some tips that can help you maintain the results of your teeth cleaning.

Teeth Brushing Tips

Our dentist suggests brushing your teeth several times a day to protect them from forming cavities. Following are useful tips for brushing your teeth.

  • Avoid harsh brushing

  • Ensure that same method of brushing is done evenly throughout your teeth

  • Make sure you brush the back of your teeth

  • Always clean your tongue, this helps reduce the bacteria in your mouth

  • Brush your teeth for a minimum of two minutes

Don’t forget to visit our dental office for routine check-ups and teeth cleanings at least twice a year.

Flossing Tips

Flossing and brushing go hand in hand and should be performed one after the other.  Flossing is important to remove bits of food that may be stuck between your teeth where a brush can’t reach. Here are some useful tips for flossing:  

  • The flossing strip should be long enough to fit in between your teeth and also get a good grip, for an even left and right and up and down motion when cleaning.

  • Ensure that you hold the strip tightly. The best way is to wind it around your index fingers.  

  • Avoid pushing hard as it can harm your gums.

  • Use a clean part of the stip for every other tooth.

Flossing regularly is just as important as brushing, so don't underestimate this step in your oral routine.

A healthy set of teeth and strong gums can only be achieved through effective oral care. Regular brushing and flossing are needed to provide maximum protection for your teeth against plaque, gum disease, and tooth decay. Regular visits to our dental office are recommended to identify any potential dental problems.

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